Rosegal Haul


Hi guys, 
I am back after very long time. 

But I am now here.And I want write Haul from this pretty page named ROSEGAL .
You can find 'some cool stuff here.

Here are things I want to show you guys, enjoy!

This Formal Shirt is so pretty! I adore it so much,but it has little strange material,I don't know how to describe it is like umbrella material but it is soft,I can't describe it different.
You can wash it in all ways,If you ever will orfer this,order bigger size to fit you perfectly.What I remember it was so cheap,unfortunately it is SOLD OUT!

These lashes are wonderful!It make my eyes so big an they look natural.With good lash glue it can stay on eyes whole day...I am so surprised with this. 
You can use them few times,like they are sooo goood!They were also cheap.

FOR THE END I am so happy and surprised how good things came,I will definatly order some more things,Hope you all guys enjoyed and hope you will do the same.

Ly ♥

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19 komentari

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