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Hello my beauties,
I hope you all have beautiful and shinny day full of joy and happiness.Not let anyone ruin it!

welcome to another post.
Today we are talking about page named TALEVER.I know that some of us love shopping inside a shop as being able to see the clothes with your own eyes and being able to try them on is much better than online shopping for clothes. However, online shopping is something I think most of us do and well here is another website that you can do some damage to your bank but end up with some really cute bits at good prices.
You can find really cute and good stuff down there, but I found their dresses most stunning and beautiful. There is so many casual dresses plus size , maxi dresses on sale , floral dresses for wedding , mini dresses plus size , one shoulder wedding dresses and etc.

With Casual dresses you can make an entire outfit with just one piece of clothing, saves some money but you can also look so cute for just so little! Also they are plus size and all sizes!
My favourite kind of pattern to wear during the Summer season is anything with a floral pattern! Floral dresses are everything. I also love florals on dresses and right now it’s wedding season, so a floral dress in my opinion is a perfect choice for a dress for a wedding! There are so many to choose from and I hear Maxi dresses are IN again. Is there any better choice from floral dress which is also Maxi? NO! Here is also too many Mini dresses for plus size girls,you know big but, curves, all that.Also I saw that One shoulder dresses are kicking right now, andd they have soo nice one shouder dresses you can't believe so go,go!

I want to show you some stuff that are too pretty for me and I will deffinitely buy some.I found this one the pritiest. Materials look so nice and like high quality but it is really cheap like reallyyy. If  you  want to glam with small amout of money. What are you waiting for? Buy these dresses and you will be proud after wearing them. Now look at my sugestions and go visit their page. Wish you luck! 

GO, GO,GO! Visit their page. I will wait for you, buy some, write in the comment what you bought, leave a link, I  really want to see your order.Which dress was your favourite? Let me know in the comments down below!!
Thank you so much for reading, I hope you enjoyed my blog post. I always love sharing what I come across!

P.s. write me in the comments also what you want to see in the next post, like ideas and that you know.

Love you guys so much, bye ♥

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